Nutrition Tools

How nutritious is fast food? Use the nutrition tools below to search our database of fast foodmenu items.
These searches include the full menus available at McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, Wendy's and Taco Bell.  Kids' meal options available at Arby's, Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, Panera Bread, and Sonic are also included.

Fast Food Nutrition Search for Parents

Interested in the nutrient content of your child's favorite kids' meal? Use this tool to see how a fast food meal contributes to your child's unique daily calorie needs.

Fast Food Nutrition Basic Search

Want to find out about the nutritional quality of fast food menu items? Use this tool to search for single menu items or to build meals.

Full Menu Advanced Nutrition Search

Use this tool to find items that meet special nutrition criteria for specific dietary needs or wishes, such as low in sodium, high in fiber, or foods within a specific calorie range.

Nutrition FACTS

Want to know more? Discover how nutrition scores were calculated, see how kids' meals and portion sizes compare to each other, and view complete nutrition information for each restaurant.

Marketing FACTS

What marketing techniques and practices do fast food restaurants use to target children? Use the marketing tools below to review the findings.

Fast Food Marketing Rankings

How do fast food restaurants rank on specific types of marketing? Learn about each restaurant's marketing strategy and find out how they rank in terms of marketing.

Social Media Footprint

What types of social media sites do fast food companies use to engage children? Use this tool to discover which fast food restaurants have the largest presence on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Fast Food Targeted Marketing

Do fast food restaurants target specific groups? Explore how children, teens, and minorities are being hit the hardest with advertising.

Fast Food Marketing 360° Briefs

Find out how fast food marketing is targeting children and teens from every angle: on television, the internet, cell phones, radio, and more.

More About Food Marketing

Learn more about food marketing practices, read about food marketing in the news, and see what researchers at the Rudd Center are doing to address the issue.

Nutrition FACTS

Consumers Nutrition Tools

Consumers Nutrition Tools

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